Ode to Spruce Lariat

Dendritic agate, cast iron, sterling silver

an image of the cast iron spruce cone and the dendritic agage pendant and cast iron lichen set at each end of the lariat

This lariat is a wearable celebration of the spruce-covered landscapes that can be see in Interior Alaska. On one end, the handmade chain supports a spruce cone, the seed of the Black Spruce tree, which is cast in iron and rusted a warm orange brown to mimic the natural brown color. On the opposite end of the chain is set a dendritic opal and a lichen cast in iron. The textures of this piece echo the textures of the trees and the symbiotic relationships they have with the rest of their environment. The lichen sample was harvested from underneath the spruce tree.

The silver in this piece has a liver of sulfur patina to give depth to the texture of the silver and to compliment the contrast in the texture of the dendrites int the opal set in the center.