The Navigator

Bronze, reclaimed glass lens, brass bezel
6.5″ x 9″ x 2″

This piece is an introspective reflection on the forces that have lead my path through life. What will I be? Where will I live? How have I come to be here? At times it seems I have not taken control of these decisions and have ended up in places quite by chance. What or who has decided the paths I have traveled?

An angled bird's eye view of the front of this sculpture, showcasing texture and surface.

This piece takes the form of a map marker planchette. Have you ever noticed that the map markers on digital maps resemble the planchettes used on ouija boards?

The cast bronze hands are mine and they support the lens from beneath. The closed eye cast in the point of the planchette is also my own. I took a mold in alginate, then cast a wax pattern that was added to the larger wax pattern, then burned out before casting the entire planchette in bronze.

The piece, just assembled, on my bench